Our team leverages its expertise to manage the design and structure of commercial real estate projects from start to finish.

With expertise spanning more than 5 years, we have recognised the three major factors which when kept under control have the potential to reach completion well before the estimated time period. If not, then delay can be non-measurable. 

To control all the 3 factors we have designed our own processes known as Monitoring sheets.

Project Management - PMS

Project Monitoring Sheets (PMS)

This sheet works with the principal aim of controlling the time factor in the best manner possible. It charts the timeline of the entire project. First, we develop a Gantt chart for the project in hand that includes not only the project milestones and key dates but also the dates for when each minuscule task is to be executed. Thus, from Land survey to the installation of a single light fixture on a certain floor, in a certain tower, a certain office, a certain room or in a certain grid is mapped on the Gantt chart. This chart is then imposed activity wise on monitoring sheets keeping in mind the location and grid for all the required activities that ensure successful completion and handover of the project. These sheets are monitored on a weekly basis to make certain that the project is on the right path and schedule.


Manpower Monitoring Sheet (MPMS)

The second most important factor that needs to be controlled is Manpower. No project can be efficiently completed without adequate manpower. This sheet guarantees that the requisite manpower or more is available on the project per the stipulated schedule. The manpower includes operation staff, designing staff, quality staff and the workforce required on the actual construction site.


Work order Monitoring sheet (WOMS)

Last but not least, the material required is the most critical factor in the process of effective project completion. This is controlled by our process WOMS. This sheet makes certain that all orders are placed on time, every time and that this material is available for the project as per the projected schedule.

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